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 After the war in Syria, and the suffering we have been through we had to leave everything our house and everything we love to go to Jordan and live there for 5 years we couldn't work. life was difficult for us and it was getting harder until I met a friend from America she visited me and she saw me drawing with a regular pencil and a note paper she was chucked when she saw my art the next day she brought me drawing materials and I started to draw than she started to show my art to her friends and she started to sell them for me I was so happy that I had a talent in me that helped me and my family to live until today.


Coming to the United States gave us hope to rebuild what we lost and gave us another chance to live.

But it's not easy for us to restart in a different culture and a different language and to start from zero so we're doing our best and I'm going to keep hoping that one day I will be a big artist in the world and to show all people that nothing is impossible in this world.



"Welcome to the new world"

Is a book that Jake Halpern is writing. 

It's about our story from the begging of the war until today all what happened with us and how did our life change all the sudden.

"My name in the book is Ragheda"



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